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5 Ways to Make Your Next Trip to the Dentist a Pleasant One

Visiting your dentist in Sherwood Park can be as enjoyable as getting a haircut or manicure. It’s true. Just imagine leaving the dental chair with a revitalized minty smile and a clean bill of health. Wouldn’t that be nice? All you need to do is follow these basic guidelines and your next dental visit is sure to be a relaxed and gratifying experience.

1. Brush Twice Daily

It’s a plain and simple fact that regularly brushing your teeth can ensure excellent oral health. This go-getter tactic works because it rids your mouth of that awful intermediary of tooth decay: plaque. Not only does plaque contain bacteria that culls cavities, if left alone it eventually becomes tartar, which over time can lead to gum disease and other dental difficulties. If you brush those pearly whites twice every day, you’ll be on your way to a glowingly gorgeous and healthy smile.

2. Floss Daily
Brushing alone can’t completely rid your mouth of plaque. Those tiny slips of space between teeth require the additional arsenal of floss to fend off periodontal disease and other invaders. Include flossing in your daily self-care regiment and your next Sherwood Park dental visit is sure to leave you with an ear-to-ear grin that’s irreproachably radiant.

3. Cut Back On Sugary Drinks and Sweets
There’s no denying that sugar in its various forms is a delicious decadence that’s oh so sweetly satisfying. The same bacteria in your mouth that produces plaque build-up loves sugary treats as much as you do. Sugar feeds these bacteria, allowing them to thrive and multiply rapidly, and eventually evolve into cavities. Eliminating or cutting back on carbonated drinks and juices can make a really positive impact on your oral and general health. The same goes for candies and other sweets.

4. Know the Parameters of Your Coverage

It can be quite stressful to be sitting with your dentist and feel uncertain if you’ll have to pay for that x-ray or teeth whitening treatment. Having a full understanding of what your dental insurance covers and what it doesn’t can put your mind at ease. Check-in with your insurance company or employer to get the details. Still feeling unclear? Don’t fret. We’ll be more than happy to give you a hand. Just ask and we’ll help you sort it all out.

5. Be Upfront With Your Dentist
Your dentist is your ally, one who wants to help you maintain a healthy smile that you can proudly share with the world. The more information you divulge, the easier it will be to diagnose and treat potential problems. Always be honest with your dentist about your habits and concerns. And be sure to be frank about any pain or discomfort you’re experiencing. Your truthfulness guarantees the best possible care.

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